Our Farm

PT MB Plus Agro provides spices, essential oils, and flavors and fragrances using our own production of crops. Located in Subang and Bogor, West Java, Indonesia; we own several plantation of various crops such us nutmeg, citronella, patchouli, cinnamon, areca nut, ginger, and cloves.We provide high-quality, natural, and organic products as our mission is to keep a sustainable life cycle of essential oil production.

Our Process

We own several processing facilities including post-harvesting, distillation, and fractionation-distillation process.All of these controllable and traceable processes enable us to always ensure sustainability and continously make innovation.

Experience the true power of nature with our exceptional range of spices and essential oils

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Since 2008, the main goal of PT MB Plus Agro is to provide organic and natural spices and essential oils, to our valued customers.

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